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Asus Lyra AC2200 review - mesh Wi-Fi done right

In our age, the electronics are very used, at home at work, but some can not connect to the internet to be controlled because we have no Wi-Fi signal.

That's why Asus has designed the Lyra system in 3 versions of the most up-to-date Lyra AC 2200 wireless system, with one node, two nodes or 3 nodes. All these versions support combinations between them. This Lyra system forms a Wi-Fi network that communicates by two methods: wireless through a connection dedicated to this 5 GHz or via UTP cable.

Of course, the higher speed will be obtained by connecting the nodes by cable, but if you want to get rid of them, you will also get decent speeds via Wi-Fi.
This mesh system has the advantage of transferring from one node to another without realizing it, analyzing which signal is most powerful for your device and transferring the connection of the node with the strongest signal.

And yet the mesh type system exists before the Lyra AC2200, being implemented on the most efficient routers: Asus RT-AC68u, RT-AC88u, RT-AC86u, RT-AC5300, etc. But it does not communicate as we would like with the newer Lyra AC2200 systems, respectively the routers are designed for mesh systems along with other routers in the same range, not with the Lyra AC2200 system.

In this case, the Lyra AC2200 can be adopted as a node by the RT-AC5300, for example, but it will only communicate by cable, in this case the WiFi communication is not possible, respectively the node management will be performed automatically by the main router RT-AC5300, without the user being able to control the parameters of the Lyra AC2200 system. In this case a master node from the Lyra AC2200 system will be used as the main node connected by cable to the RT-AC5300 router, then the mesh type network will support any number of nodes paired with the main node and will support 5ghz dedicated WiFi connection. The management will be performed from the interface of the main node, and the parameters of each node may be modified, or the necessary updates will be made, or the diagnosis will be made.

The mesh system is reliable, has good transfer speeds, but it depends on the construction materials in which it is located. In the example treated here we tested up to 70 users who also made video traffic, and media, and data transfer and did not feel any decrease in performance.

We recommend this system, superior to others like speed, management (especially the dedicated 5ghz channel) and user management.

Extensive: Lyra AC2200 system configuration can only be done after the firmware upgrade, and it lasts until it is done, then until every necessary configuration is made.

Contributor: Cosmin Tudoriu, IE & IT specialist,


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