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Gnome Calendar and, a two way sync integration

Using calendar with Gnome Shell (Gnome 3) was an almost impossible task for Linux users and that's due to EAS (Exchange Active Sync) protocol used to communicate with Microsoft.

Now, using EWS (Exchange Web Services), integrating calendar (mail and contacts also) into Gnome Shell it's just a simple task, available for Linux Desktop users.

The whole process is handled by Evolution (and the evolution-ews extension), configured using GOA (Gnome Online Accounts) and an App Password generated within the Microsoft account.

First we will need an Microsoft App Password, available here:; This link should send you to the right place where an App password is generated, if not, from go to Security (top menu), more security options (bottom of the page), Create a new app password (middle of the page).

Second, we need to install evolution (a Linux alternative for MS Outlook) and the evolution-ews extension.
sudo apt install evolution evolution-ews

Third, open Online Accounts Gnome App (tip: you can press the Win Key from keyboard and type something to search for, ex: online), select 'Add an account'-> Microsoft Exchange (not just simply Microsoft).
Here, enter your email address, the Microsoft App password, expand the 'Custom' area and again, enter your email address (same as above) as Username and, important, as Server. Be sure that your setting looks like the picture below, then hit Connect.

Gnome Online accounts, Microsoft Exchange EWS

That's it, you are now connected to, your calendar events can be managed within the Gnome Calendar App, your appoitments, birthdays and tasks would be displayed in the Gnome Notification bar.
Same for the contacts (available in the Contacts App) and emails (all of this also available in the Evolution App). If you don't needs or use for email and contacts (that's my case, i'm only use calendar from, then, using Online Accounts App, for the new Microsoft Exchange account created, you can toggle on/off Mail/Contacts/Calendar, just keep what exactly need.

If you need to fine-tune some calendar functionality (ex: change calendar colors, disable the local one, set as default calendar, etc) just use Evolution for that.
Some tests for the calendar sync interval: sending events, real-time; receiving events, ~10 minutes


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